Simplifying Challenges Of Business

The Profit 24 accounting software is mainly used to provide customized solutions to small and medium enterprises having between 1 to 50 employees. From upgrading to automated systems from a manual system to providing comprehensive reports and analysis essential for critical business decisions and strategy, the Profit 24 software comes with a host of tailor made services, customized to specific businesses. The Profit 24 accounting software has enabled many organizations to make effective business decisions.

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The Value Of Using Logiology Products

Logiology Products uses the Smart technology, which makes use of the data to understand how improvements can be made. It tracks and analyses what's going on to deliver better results in the business for future. This entails that processes and systems become more efficient, and you as a person become more productive as well.

Easily Maintain Legal Compliances

Like all other businessmen, jewellers are required to maintain proper records of their transactions in a specific manner. Ignorance in this can prove costly.

100% Security on Your Business Secrets

To sustain the profitability of your jewellery business, you don’t require anyone to know your business facts and figures.

Manage Your Stocks, Smartly & Securely

To increase your profitability, smart and brilliant management of your stocks is the prime key. And without keeping an eye on the stocks, you are at a high risk of loss.

Assured Leak-proof

Trust is the main factor that runs the Jewellery business, especially when you are dealing with the Jewellery business in which you have to depend on your staff for many day-to-day activities.

Scale-up Customer-Centric Schemes

In the Jewellery Business, continuous and positive engagement with your customer is vital. For handling valued customers, updations in planning and special schemes are a crucial factor.

Get hold of Smart & Timely Decisions

Using our robust and flexible technology by looking into the future and to provide the jewellery business owners with a real-time overview of how their business is doing and also to ease their entire business operations


Data Safety and Security

Get 100% data security with profit 24! If your data is unsafe, your business is in danger. Therefore profit 24 helps you to keep your data secure in your own device. Profit 24 automatically takes the backup of all your data at regular times to the private and secure location in an encrypted format to avoid any chance of losing them due to device change or damage. This leaves less work for you. Never lose anything important! Profit 24 is completely secure and provides you with a 100% secure and efficient backup system to keep your data safe with you.


GST Invoicing/Billing

Raise GST Invoices in just 20 seconds. Using profit 24, create GST bills in recommended GST invoice format and share them with your customers that too in seconds. Customize invoices in the way you want. Use “Bill wise payment” feature & easily link payments against sales invoices. Using profit 24, track your invoice due dates and identify overdue payments easily. Use profit 24 and always remain 100% GST compliant effortlessly. Profit 24 is better than any other software present in the market. Profit 24 makes GST invoicing total effortless!


Business Reports

Gut feelings are dangerous, so make informed decisions with the right reports using profit 24. View the data that is most important to you. For eg. “MIS” Reports show you - where to invest more & where to spend less. To keep track of your business health, it is very critical for you to do proper bookkeeping and management accounting. By using profit 24, get a detailed analysis of all your ledger accounts, business details and will also allow you to check your profits in an efficient manner. Profit 24 also provides the GST related reports required for your small business. Start using profit 24 and be more efficient.


Track Cash flow

Record any kind of business transaction in profit 24 & prevent accidental miscounting! Manage all your cash transactions including the bank withdrawal or deposit in one place. Profit 24 helps you, create a real-time cash book where you can easily tally all the transactions related to your billing, purchases, expenses, and payments. Profit 24 provides you with a day book and cash flow statement which is super handy and helps in keeping your cash flow healthy. Cash flow is very critical for your small and medium businesses and profit 24 makes it very easy for you.

Simplified Accounting Software On The Cloud

Profit 24, fully cloud-based integrated business software suite which provides an all in one solution to fulfil your business needs.The fully automated business software suite, which covers every movement from raw gold to a finished ornament and sale to customers. Profit 24 makes your small business to the power of an enterprise. Accounts are simple, so as a user can use profit 24 without the help of a technician, without any prior experience. Currently, no commercial solution exists that integrates whole accounts, inventory, service, CRMS, expenses, POS and location.


Reduces accounting expenses and offers precise financial reports that companies can use to make smart financial decisions.


Inventory concerns carrying costs of inventory, inventory valuation, inventory visibility, physical inventory, returns and defective goods.

There's a plan for whatever your business needs

Shun the generic softwares and lift your business to the next level by leveraging our Accounts specific ERP platform.



Single user edition For Standalone PCs Sutable for small business. It provides Ledger, Advanced Accounting, Inventory, Billing, Tax, Reports, Financial Statements etc .

Universal and Custom Barcode

The security of your software and data is secured as we make use of universal and custom made barcode. Our barcode includes; UPC, EAN, and Custom made barcodes which contains Alphanumeric barcode generation and Scanning.

Reporting & Analytics

Our software carries out schedule analysis of your reports and provides you with an accurate result that can help you help your business. It gives you various reports such as; Accounting reports, Storefront and Back-office Reports.

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Jan 01 2014. Currently serving over 300+ active Business
300+ Businesses till date
35+ Businesses 2nd year
10+ Businesses 1st year
. Currently serving over 300 active Business
300+ Businesses till date
35+ Businesses 2nd year
10+ Business 1st year
Jan 01 2014


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